The home port of Rhodes, starting point.

The Rhodes port called “Mandraki” is  right in the heart of the town of Rhodes, which is situated at the very North point of the island, right next to the entrance of the Medieval Old town. As one of the exceptional yacht charter bases of Greece, you can be provided with any supply you will need for your charter week, from fuel and  marine chandlery to delicatessen goods and wine cellar provisions. At the port of Mandraki, fuel is delivered to the boats in a tank truck.

Being the largest and most popular island of the Dodecanese island group, Rhodes Greece is a yacht charter holidays destination!

Also known as the “Knights’ island”, Rhodes has a rich historical past, which you can tell by its historical buildings and monuments. The atmosphere in Rhodes Old Town is simply unique! Strong walls, stone-paved alleys, elegant mansions, and a medieval castle create the illusion that you have time-traveled back to the age of the knights. Don’t be surprised if you believe you’re into a medieval fairytale. It is a must to leave the yacht and walk around the Old Town.

As for the things to do in Rhodes, you’ll never run out of options! Stroll around the historical Rhodes town, visit the medieval monuments of Rhodes Old Town, discover imposing castles, eat at excellent restaurants and swim at the amazing Rhodes beaches.

During sailing along the East coast of Rhodes you will be able to visit Lindos. Make a stop at the wild beaches on the coast or swim in the open sea. 25 nautical miles from Rhodes is located Lindos. Above the village rises the Acropolis of Lindos, a natural citadel which was fortified successively by the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Knights of St John and the Ottomans. This makes the site difficult to excavate and interpret archaeologically. There is an open-air museum, the ancient Acropolis of the goddess Athena, and has views of the surrounding harbours and coastline.

Thanks to its size, Rhodes always offers something new to discover!


Symi island Greece is one of the gems of the islands of Greece! It stands out for its beautiful architecture, colorful houses and relaxed atmosphere. The port of Symi seems to have popped out of a painting welcoming you and your crew! The first thing that catches your eye as you approach Symi by the sailing boat is the colorful mansions around the port.

Symi Town is extremely popular among sailors so expect to be elbow to elbow with your fellow Greek yacht charter types. The port of Symi is hands down the ultimate spot for romantic walks and sunset gazing, there are also some excellent restaurants at the island’s capital.

Within a small distance from it there are many little villages and bays to discover. If you manage to peel yourself away from the utterly romantic port, you should definitely sail to the beautiful Symi beaches, with best choice the Saint George bay!. They might be small, but they are clean and have mesmerizing crystal clear waters. Most of them are secluded, thus ideal for those who want to relax on the yacht!


Kastelorizo or Megisti, is the Eastern island of Greece, tiny but very beautiful island with thousands of years of history and plenty of sights to visit. It is a small but very beautiful place with ancient ruins, castles and caves.

The local hospitality is the best that you ever met. The gracious two-storey neo-classical houses with their brightly painted doors and windows, wooden balconies and roofs on the waterfront as well as the majestic domes of the churches testify to the island’s former prosperity.

In Kastelorizo you will enjoy the local cuisine, the sea and the warm climate away from the noise of the city. Don’ t miss the medieval castle, the Byzantine castle of Paleokastro, the Cyclopean Walls, the archaeological and folk heritage museum, the catacombs of Saint Charalambos, the “Fokiali blue cave” and the small islands of Ro and Strogili.


By boat the navigation between the inaccessible cliffs and caves, but also on the neighboring small islets , is easy and pleasant. Some of the islets included in the small archipelago are the Saint George, the Agrielia, the Mavro Poini, the Polifado, the Rw, the Stroggli.

Not far from the port on the southern part of the island stands the Blue Cave or Cave Parasta or else Fokiali. This cave is well known worldwide for its rich decoration from stalactites. The cave’s entrance is comparatively low in height and 75 meters length. The cave is an unforgettable sight belonging to  Kastellorizo.


Halki is a small island of the Dodecanese, located very close to Rhodes. Still untouched by mass tourism Halki is the perfect destination for sailing holidays to anchor after visiting one cosmopolitan place like Rhodes island.


This picturesque tiny island stands out for its traditional architecture, peaceful atmosphere and secluded beaches.
The capital of Halki Greece is Nimporio, a picturesque little village that stretches around the island’s port with almost no vehicles, cars on it.

Halki small bays are unspoiled and secluded, perfect for the crew who wants to enjoy the sea and spend the day for swimming.

Halki is one of the best destinations for sailing holidays in Greece!



Kos is the third biggest island of the Dodecanese island group and a place that has it all! Sandy beaches, amazing places for sightseeing.

Thanks to its big size, you can find both crowded and more isolated spots in Kos, depending on your mood.

Geographically located between Kalymnos and Nisyros, Kos has a rich history, influenced by many cultures. Therefore, sightseeing in Kos is more than enjoyable! Asklepion, the holistic medical center of Hippocrates, Neratzia medieval Castle and Antimachia Castle are some of the best historical monuments to visit!

Kos has a large and safe harbor. As an alternative a yacht can go the nearby Kos Marina


Nisyros is a beautiful little island, which belongs to the Dodecanese island chain. Still untouched by mass tourism, Nisyros remains a peaceful and laid-back island. In fact, it has emerged as a great sailing destination.


The island is mostly popular for the famous Nisyros volcano, the youngest volcano in Greece, which is still(!) active. Except for its unique geology, Nisyros also has some picturesque little villages. Especially Mandraki and Nikia villages stand out for their traditional architecture and terrific views.

As for Nisyros beaches, they are clean and peaceful, ideal for those who want to enjoy long relaxing days by sailing boat!.

Nisyros Greece is the perfect island to enjoy relaxing sailing holidays!


Tilos a tiny island that has barely 100 inhabitants in the winter months, it has had its own tale to tell in world history, and hikers will often find an abandoned knight’s castle or two as they wander. 

Livadia, the island’s port,where you can dock overnight and it is the most touristic place in Tilos. Mikro Chorio, though, is the most interesting one! Mikro Chorio is a ghost village, which is abandoned, oozing a unique mysterious charm.


After exploring the villages of Tilos, you should head to anchor to a cove. As you’d expect from an unspoiled island, Tilos beaches are secluded and unorganized, ideal for those who seek a “private” bay to stay at the mooring onboard a rented sailing boat. Some of them are naturist beaches and can be only accessed by your sailing boat.

If you’re dreaming of relaxing, private sailing holidays away from the hustle and bustle, sail no further than Tilos!